Many people believe that fleas jump from one host to another, but this is not the case. In reality, fleas are wingless insects that rely on their legs to move around. So, how do they get from one place to another? Keep reading to find out.

Do Fleas Jump?

While fleas cannot fly, they are excellent jumpers. Their long back legs are specially adapted for jumping, and they can jump incredibly high considering their size. In fact, some flea species can jump up to 200 times their own body length!

One of the reasons why fleas are such good jumpers is because they have a rubber-like protein in their joints that allows them to store energy like a spring. When they want to jump, they release this stored energy, which propels them into the air.

Where Do Fleas Come From?

Fleas typically spend the majority of their time on animals, where they feed on their blood. However, they can also be found in homes and other buildings where pets frequent. This is because fleas can hitch a ride on animals’ fur and then jump off when they’re inside. Once inside, fleas will lay eggs which hatch into larvae about two weeks later. The larvae then spin cocoons and emerge as adults about two weeks after that. The entire flea life cycle—from egg to adult—can take as little as three weeks under favorable conditions.

Now that you know a bit more about fleas, you may be wondering how to keep them away from your home and pets. The best way to prevent a flea infestation is to regularly groom your pets and vacuum your floors and upholstered furniture. You should also consider treating your pet with a monthly preventative medication like Frontline or Advantage II, which will help kill any fleas that manage to make their way onto your furry friend.

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