One of the most frustrating things about summertime is dealing with pesky mosquitoes. No matter how much bug spray you use or how many candles you light, it seems like these little bloodsuckers always find a way to get to you. But have you ever wondered how they’re able to bite through clothes? Read on to find out.

Mosquitoes have a long, thin proboscis (mouthpart) that they use to pierce the skin and draw blood. This proboscis is actually made up of six different parts that work together almost like a needle. The mosquito first uses the two innermost parts, called stylets, to pierce the skin. Once the skin is punctured, the mosquito inserts its maxillae, which have serrated edges that help saw through the skin and create a tiny incision. Finally, the mosquito inserts its labium through this incision and begins to suck blood from the host.

Most fabrics are too tightly woven for a mosquito to be able to bite through, but some thinner materials like knitwear or gauze are more susceptible. In general, if you can see through a piece of fabric then a mosquito probably can too. Wearing light-colored clothing can also make you more attractive to mosquitoes, since darker colors tend to absorb more heat. So if you’re looking to avoid getting bitten this summer, your best bet is to stick to thicker fabrics in neutral colors.

By wearing thicker fabrics in neutral colors, you can make it harder for them to get to your skin. And remember – if you can see through a piece of clothing, chances are a mosquito can too!

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