Ever been minding your own business, going about your day-to-day routines when all of a sudden a spider jumps out at you? We’ve all been there. These eight-legged creatures can strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest among us. But of all the different types of spiders out there, jumping spiders are definitely some of the most surprising. Not only can they jump absurd distances for their size, but they’re also known for being relatively harmless to humans. So what’s the deal with these spiders? Do they bite? Let’s find out.

The Answer: Do They Bite?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter: do they bite? The simple answer is no—for the most part, jumping spiders are harmless to humans and pose no real threat. There have been isolated reports of people experiencing adverse reactions after being bitten by a jumping spider, but these cases are few and far between. In general, you have nothing to worry about if you come across one of these spiders in your home or yard.

Jumping Spiders 101

As their name suggests, jumping spiders are known for their ability to, well, jump. Some species of jumping spider can jump up to 50 times their own body length in a single leap! They accomplish this feat using a hydraulic pressure system that allows them to store energy in their legs like tiny springs, ready to be released at a moment’s notice. Pretty impressive, right?

These spiders are also recognized for their large eyes and furry bodies. They range in size from 2 to 22 millimeters and can be found on every continent except Antarctica. In terms of coloration, they’re usually some shade of brown or black, with some species sporting colorful markings on their abdomen or carapace. their abdomens are also where you’ll find their spinning organs, which they use to produce the silken homes they build for themselves. Fun fact: did you know that all spiders produce silk? It’s true!

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While they might be some of the most surprising (and frankly adorable) creatures you’ll ever encounter, there’s no need to be afraid of jumping spiders. These docile creatures rarely bite humans and pose no real threat—so next time one pops up out of nowhere, just enjoy the show!

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